JOIN US APRIL 5th, 2020

Tee time at 11:00 am

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Strong communities begin with strong families.  Golf is a unique game in that it can be played an entire lifetime, with families together sharing the game from one generation to the next. 


Golf can provide a special bond in family from grandparents to great grandchildren. No matter what their skill level or ages, they can be equals on the golf course. Whether as playing partners or competitors, coach or student, the joy and challenges inherent in the game teach us the lessons of life for a lifetime.


Golf is a game of tradition and a game of rules.  Like no other activity, golf teaches both the beauty and the sometimes harsh realities of life.  It teaches us to evaluate risks and rewards and that success only comes with hard work and perseverance.  No matter the challenge ahead, we never give up and we play by the rules. 


Two person, Family, Team Texas Scramble:


On each hole, each player drives and the best drive is selected. Each player then plays a second shot from the spot where the selected drive lies, and the best second shot is selected. This process is repeated until the hole is completed.

Example: If both players teed off and Player 1's ball landed in the rough, while Player 2's ball landed in the fairway, Player 1 would pick up his ball and both players would play their second shots from Player 2's position in the fairway. Every shot is played in this manner until the hole is completed.


Q.  What ages are the junior players?


A.  *From age 6 until 17 years


Q.  What ages are adult family teams?

A.  From age 18 and up


Q.  Can any skill level play, or is this tournament only for really good golfers?

A.  This is a friendly and fun tournament.  All skill levels are welcome!  


Q.  What tee boxes do we tee off from?

A.  Like most scramble tournaments, Men will play from the White tees.  Ladies from the Red and two additional tees for younger players.  So, four separate teeing grounds throughout the golf course.


Q.  What is the grand prize for the winning team?

A.  The Champion Trophy with your family name engraved on it.  The winning team keeps the Trophy until the next event.  The trophy must be returned and presented to the new champions.


Q.  Is there a separate category for the Adult Teams vs the Adult/Junior Teams?

A:  Yes, this year there will be two separate categories of winning Teams.  One Championship Trophy for the Adult/Junior team winners and one Championship Trophy for the Adult/Adult team winners. 


Q.  Can my family come watch on the golf course?

A.  Senayan National allows spectators to watch the tournament on hole #9 and hole #18.  If spectators wish to follow players on the golf course, however, they must pay the full Sunday Green Fee as if they are playing the course.


*This is an 18 hole tournament. All juniors should be able to play all 18 holes. 

*All players and spectators assume all risk of injury while on the golf course during the tournament. 




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